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Episode 70 - Rebekah Dahling and Melissa Sloter

Jul 18, 2019144 minutes

I had a blast and learned so much during the recording of this episode. Melissa tells us why Uber sucks, we find out just how polite midwesterners really are, and how Rebekah nearly became a resident of Delaware. Yeah... Delaware. But the middle of episode 70 is where it's really at as Rebekah and Melissa take me to school on the importance of being an ally to women. We finish out the show talking generational labels, Area 51 memes, dick pics, and the shitty side of Alita Battle Angel. Ope!

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Episode 48 - Comic Talk - Lazarus vol. 1

Mar 24, 2018122 minutes

Lazarus vol 1 Discussion / DC Caddyshack

Episode 41 - Comic Talk - Nemesis

Feb 4, 2018169 minutes

Nemesis Discussion

Episode 36 - Basel Tarabishi, Rebekah Dahling

Jan 25, 2018188 minutes

Basel's night out.

Episode 27 - Rebekah Dahling

Dec 20, 2017184 minutes

God save the queen. We mean it, man.

Episode 7 - Rebekah Dahling

Mar 19, 2017

Hail to the Queen!

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