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Episode 71 - [SPOILERS] Stranger Things Season 3 - Paul Hart and Rod Claerbout

Jul 25, 2019130 minutes

The Turn It Up To Eleven gang reunites for a SPOILER-filled review of Stranger Things Season 3.

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Bonus Content - Paul Hart

Jul 9, 201917 minutes

Hissing Cockroaches Can Be Pets?

Episode 68 - Paul Hart

Jul 4, 2019132 minutes

Different Strokes For Different Folks

Episode 45 - Comic Talk - Frostbite

Feb 27, 2018110 minutes

Frostbite Discussion

Episode 26 - Paul Hart

Dec 12, 2017129 minutes

Ritz Cadillac

Episode 18 - Paul Hart

Sep 2, 2017191 minutes

The teacher that Gotham deserves.

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