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Episode 54 - Comic Talk - The Hard Place

May 11, 2018200 minutes

Jordan and I talk The Hard Place with comic book creator Doug Wagner. The Hard Place is an Image comic created by Doug Wagner and Nic Rummel. We also get into some spoiler territory for Infinity War at the beginning of the episode.

The Hard Place: https://bit.ly/2wxbQeG

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Episode 50 - Rod Claerbout, Jordan Lekan

Apr 13, 2018175 minutes

Comic Talk... Mostly

Episode 23 - Jordan Lekan, Sturdy, Eric Wade

Nov 4, 2017182 minutes

Conspiracy Theories

Episode 20 - Jordan Lekan

Oct 7, 2017198 minutes

It has the Comic Cast guys in it.

Episode 2 - Jordan Lekan

Feb 11, 2017163 minutes

The episode where StarkCast earns its explicit rating!

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