Episode 68 - Paul Hart

Jul 4, 2019132 minutes

I'm talking with Paul Hart from the Animated Batcast! We start off talking about the upcoming animated Batman Hush movie slated for release on July 20th and spend a bit of time talking kung fu flicks as I had just finished watching Ip Man prior to recording. It's on Netflix. Check it out! The episode gets progressively ridiculous from here. We even desecrate Mickey Mouse Clubhouse at one point.

The second half gets pretty NSFW in terms of subject matter when I introduce Paul to the Try It Out guy. Then we discuss Paul's dating life and he asks for my helps in writing his Bumble profile. I fail miserably, but you can pick up the slack and really help Paul out! Send in your thoughts on how Paul should be writing his profile.

We finish in true dumpster fire fashion. I rap Beastie Boys for a bit. Paul raps Nellie. FML

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Episode 67 - Rod Claerbout

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