Episode 67 - Rod Claerbout

Jun 28, 2019126 minutes

Rod Claerbout, my co-host on Number One Comic Books, and I spend the first thirty minutes of this episode discussing the documentary Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers. This documentary is available on Netflix and if alien cover-up government conspiracies are your thing, this is definitely for you. For the more skeptical-minded, the documentary sheds light on the lengths the government will go to discredit a person that is supposedly telling a fabricated story.

We had a great time talking about this documentary as well as Bob's recent podcast appearance on JRE. Google it. Everything after that is random conversation. If you're here for the doc-talk this is your exit point. I'm serious. I talk about climbing rope at one point. And it wasn't brief. I spent way too long talking about climbing rope.

Anyway, this is episode 67 and I'm talking to one of my favorite people! Don't forget to double-check your knot. That's a serious thing, but it could also be like metaphorical, man.

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