Episode 50 - Rod Claerbout, Jordan Lekan

Apr 13, 2018175 minutes

We set out with a plan to talk Regression, an Image comic by Cullen Bunn and Danny Luckert, as well as Dark Nights Metal, the recent DC Comics event headlined by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, but ended up just having lots of random conversation! I talked a bit about my experience at C2E2 last weekend, we give praise to Dustin Nyugen and his awesome artwork in Descender, an Image comic he created with Jeff Lemire, and we discover how hostile Jordan gets when you bring up foreign films. We had a lot of laughs and I hope you have a good time listening!

Regression: https://bit.ly/2HAWcRq

Dark Nights Metal: https://bit.ly/2qxY70L

Descender: https://bit.ly/1JX47qR

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